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Introducing the new Freaks Fire Juggling Balls. After considerable research and development we believe that we have finally produced the perfect fire ball - a heavy duty Kevlar fabric beanbag. That’s right, a non-burning fire beanbag. No tricks or devices, no need to replace flimsy stockinette wicks or fiddle with metal springs or other contraptions. Just a simple but ultra strong beanbag that works a treat! 

Freaks Unlimited Fire Juggling Balls Freaks Unlimited Fire Juggling Balls w. kevlar gloves

The new Freaks Fire juggling balls are made from thick tightly woven Kevlar fabric. The secret of our Fire Balls is the deceptive simplicity, on the outside they look and feel just like ‘normal’ beanbags and as a result they are very easy to juggle with. But on the inside they are far from simple; all the fabric seams have been ‘edge-locked’ with fireproof Nomex thread to eradicate any possibility of fraying, the segments have then been sewn together using the strongest high quality Kevlar thread in our range (Tex-80), not once but three times. Even the final hidden hand-sewn filling hole has been triple sewn with double thread (that’s 6 threads - and each Kevlar thread is seriously strong). Our Fire Juggling Balls are stuffed with a mixture of Kevlar fibre and fireproof ‘grains’. Each beanbag is accurately weighted at 130g each, which is an ideal beanbag weight.

They are made to the highest possible standards and have been subjected to the most punishing pre-launch tests (like ultra high drops, power throws against walls, stamping on them and generally doing our best to test them to destruction - even whilst they were on fire!). They withstood this extreme abuse without any problems! Obviously we would not recommend this kind of treatment in normal use. To ensure you get the maximum life-span from our fireballs we advise that they are looked after and treated with respect (but it’s nice to know that they are built to last as long as is possible for an object that will be repeatedly dropped and set on fire!).

In fact the only downside that we can think of with the Freaks Fire Balls is that they are extremely labour intensive to produce, which means we have been forced to limit the quantities we make. Therefore please be patient as there may sometimes be delays fulfilling your orders for these balls..


 Freaks Fire Juggling Ball


 Natural (yellow)




 130 grams



* Kevlar gloves need to be purchased separately. See our range of kevlar gloves here.

Freaks Unlimited Fire Juggling Beanbags x 3

The Freaks Fire Balls are used by fuelling them either by dipping in fuel (very quickly) or squirting fuel over them, then lighting them. Kevlar gloves need to be worn to avoid being burned whilst juggling. It is recommended that they are not over fuelled by soaking as they can hold a considerable amount of fuel and produce large long lasting flames however it is unlikely that you will be able to juggle with them for more than fairly brief periods at a time due to the heat build up. Kevlar gloves will only insulate against the heat for limited periods (which can be extended by using heavy weight Kevlar gloves and/or lightly soaking the gloves in water so that they are damp rather than wet).

Fire Ball juggling is extremely impressive but it has its own special hazards, notably they are a real fire risk because if dropped they may roll for some distance - whilst on fire - which could be dangerous if you don’t choose your juggling location carefully. It is also very important that the Kevlar gloves are not contaminated with fuel during the fuelling up (it is advisable to put the gloves on after the balls have been fuelled - don’t wear the gloves whilst fuelling).

We have been experimenting with designs for a fire juggling ball for many years. Our first design, prototyped in 1995, was based on a wooden ball covered with Kevlar wick. However we were not happy with the results and at that time it was almost impossible to obtain Kevlar gloves (which are an essential accessory for juggling with fire balls). We eventually abandoned the wooden ball designs and experimented with metal cages and other highly engineered solutions, in time rejecting those designs too because they interfered too much with actually getting on with juggling. Although they are very difficult and time consuming to produce we found that the beanbag design was by far the best solution and once you’ve tried them we’re sure that you’ll agree.

DISCLAIMER: You use this fire equipment entirely at your own risk, we do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for damage or injury however so caused by direct or indirect use of this fire equipment. You are very strongly advised to receive proper tuition from a professional or at least a good book, before attempting to use any fire juggling equipment. Not for sale to persons under 16 years of age. All fire skills are very dangerous and we do not offer any endorsement or recommendation of any kind for any activities using fire. By purchasing this product you are stating that you are at least 16 years old..

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