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The Freaks FireStorm is a top quality professional fire juggling torch that uses advanced modern materials and new design concepts. The result is a juggling torch with exceptional durability and control. We have carefully analysed all the weak points in traditional torches and used the latest materials technology and design to eliminate them in the new FireStorm torch.

Freaks FireStorm fire juggling torches, bronze metallic

The backbone of the FireStorm is the new RaptorRod, an advanced composite material internal rod made from high strength nylon and glass-fibre with a partial aluminium core. It is extremely strong and durable with micro-flexibility to absorb shocks without bending. It is high temperature rated, resistant to fuels and will not warp.

Freaks Unlimited FireStorm juggling club RaptorRod

The neck tube is strong anodised aluminium with attractive colouring, which is easier to clean. With a lathe-turned aluminium insert to strengthen the neck against damage from hard drops. The neck tube also has an internal fuel seal to prevent fuel entering.

An aluminium heat shield is used on top of the body as standard. It also has an advanced high temperature synthetic fluoroelastomer washer as a powerful secondary heat shield. This high-tech material is tougher, more durable and has much higher flame and temperature resistance than normal rubber. It is much thicker than usual to offer real protection to the torch body from drops.

63mm Wide pure kevlar wick is used for big long lasting flames.

It has a long handle and the balance point nearer to the center for easier catches, faster spins and more control for hand manipulation type tricks.

Freaks FireStorm fire juggling torch, close up of body, green glitter

The slightly higher weight at 295 grams helps to combat flame drag and windy conditions.

Available in a wide range of finishes for dazzling performance, including sport, vinyl, metallic and real glitter. 51.5cm long.

Freaks FireStorm fire juggling club, close up of kevlar wick with aluminium neck insert

Available in two handle types (foam Sport grip handle and Professional Euro wrap handle). The FireStorm has a unique fully tested handle design that does not use staples. This unique design gives improved cushioning along the entire length.

A high density foam knob with a unique nitrile rubber insert to offer better protection to the torch from very hard vertical drops.

Freaks FireStorm fire juggling torch close up of knob with nitrile rubber insert

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SPORT FireStorm with high density red sport foam handle for high grip and comfort. Vinyl body decorations.
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VINYL FireStorm with euro style wrap handle. Body and handle decorated with vinyl decorations.
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METALLIC FireStorm with euro style wrap handle. Body and handle decorated with reflective metallic decorations.
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GLITTER FireStorm with dazzling glitter decorated body, real glitter reflects light in all directions. Metallic decorated handle.
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