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Professional Juggling Knives

Professional juggling knives, highly responsive and visually stunning. The Freaks AirSword is a top of the range knife built using the highest quality materials. Beautifully finished for spectacular performance and designed to juggle just like a standard juggling club. The symmetrical design allows for dazzling side spins, and the overall balance makes them perfect for both juggling and hand-manipulation tricks.

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Symmetrically balanced so that they juggle like standard juggling clubs

Light weight and beautifully balanced (weight 275g, length 52.4cm)

Top quality stainless steel blade. One of the toughest grades available (as used by many fire and rescue services worldwide due to resilience even in extreme environments).

Blades have massive impact resistance.

Very high corrosion resistance, will not rust even in harsh wet conditions

The blades have been heat treated (tempered) so that they are ‘sprung’. They will flex slightly under duress but will not bend out of shape

The handle is attached using top quality stainless steel bolts. This is much stronger than using standard compression rivets and allows the possibility of replacing the handle if the need ever arises

Blade is finished with a mirror polish

The handle is made from top grade beech hardwood for durability.

The edges have been ground to look razor sharp on all edges, but they have been carefully blunted for safety. They look like real knives and are therefore much more impressive for performance work compared to other juggling knives

Professional high density foam knob, with high impact nitrile rubber insert, which protects the knife from hard vertical drops.

Available in a large range of stunning decorative finishes including vinyl, metallic and real glitter

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VINYL AirSword with vinyl decorated handle, available in 2 standard colours.
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METALLIC AirSword with metallic decorated handle, a professional mirror finish in 5 different colours.
Colour Quantity Each Total
GLITTER AirSword with tough glitter decorated handle, real glitter reflects light in all directions. In 7 different colours.
Colour Quantity Price Total
Freaks AirSword juggling knives Glitter group

* Jugglers in the USA please note: There are restrictions on sending knives to the USA but so far we have had no problems shipping to the USA. We describe these knives as “Theatrical props, blunt blades for juggling”- which is accurate. But we cannot guarantee that shipments will not be held up (or possibly even confiscated by US customs - though this has never happened). If you are ordering from the USA then please be very patient and allow for possible delays caused by US customs. If there are any problems then please contact us and we will always work to resolve any issue.



These juggling knives are for highly skilled amateurs and professional jugglers only. They are NOT suitable for beginners. We (the manufacturer) DO NOT accept any liability what-so-ever for any injury, harm or damage of any kind, caused directly or indirectly by the use of these knives.
You use these knives entirely at your own risk. By choosing to use these knives you are accepting full responsibilty for any harm, injury or damage caused by their use.

Do not use these juggling knives if there is any danger posed to other people (passers by or audience), or animals. Although all edges have been carefully blunted, these juggling knives can still be very dangerous. There is a real risk of serious injury (especially to the head, face and hands etc.) if extreme care is not exercised during their use.

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